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B Where can i buy an ordinary optical collimator

  1. Oct 19, 2016 #1
    firstly hello to all, i'm new here and i'd like to ask admins to forgive me if i posted this thread in a wrong place - i could not find Optics section.

    i need a fresnel collimated UV light with adjustable focus. don't trust the ordinary lens because of optical aberration. one with a diameter of at least 15 centimeters (~ 6 inches) searched everything, these handheld UV flashlights are tiny, professional studio light are not with the UV and do not have adjustable focus(and are really expensive). tried to search a desk lamp with adjustable focus, thought i'd put some tiny CFL bulb there and use a focuser to make rays parallel. but looks like nobody produces desk lamps with zoom capability. large scale Reducers strike 2500-5000$ price. my pocket won't do that. searched by google "Optical Collimator", "Focuser" and nothing... or only professional tools came up, with horrible prices.

    i do understand that the field of Optics is not commercialized thus there are no general use household objects that use zoomable lenses or collimators. and that is why only way to get such a collimator is to buy some specialized expensive device.
    but i still do not give up hopes that there is some affordable collimator out there that will do a basic thing, receive a UV out of a tiny LED,(or CFL Bulb) and output a non aberrated paralellized stream with adjustable focus.

    any suggestions where should i search one?
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  3. Oct 19, 2016 #2

    Andy Resnick

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    There's a lot here that doesn't make sense. For example, Fresnel lenses are decisively inferior as compared to 'ordinary' lenses for your stated application. A zoom lens is different than a collimator. Optics is indeed commercialized (I buy optical components, I don't fabricate them). CFLs generally have a very low UV output for safety reasons, unless you are talking about germicidal bulbs.

    It is also true that UV-specific lenses, 6" in diameter or more, are indeed expensive. They have to be made out of fused silica, for one thing.

    Maybe I just don't understand what you are trying to do?
  4. Oct 19, 2016 #3
    you are right my mistake, zoom lens are not collimated. i simply need a cheep collimated 15-20 cm diameter UV light source that is it.even CFL's UV is enough for me. something like this http://www.globaltestsupply.com/product/spectroline-sb100p-uva-lamp-concentrated-spot but this one does not collimates it simply has a concentrated spot light. i have nothing against ordinary lenses i am just afraid of aberration that is it.
  5. Oct 20, 2016 #4

    Andy Resnick

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    But that's just it- if you want a UV optical system that is well corrected for aberrations, you are going have to pay for it. What are you trying to do?
  6. Oct 21, 2016 #5
    :))))))) do you know what my salary is? it's F***ing 423$ i will have to starve my family and myself for months to rise up the money. price+customs+delivery will exceed 650$. and besides all that, this product does not promises a collimated light they say it is well concentrated spot light but rays are not parallel from those lenses.
    i will tell you what i'm trying to do if you will tell me where to get what i need lol... :)))
    P.S. your brain looks so smart judging by this tomography...
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