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Where can I find a full proof of green theorem?

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    Please , can any one recommend me to a reference containing Full proof of Green theorem.

    Thank you.
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    The theorem that you actually want is the generalized Stokes theorem. Greens theorem is a simple corollary from that.

    There are several books out there that prove the generalized Stokes theorem. My favorite is "differential forms" by Weintraub.

    Other books are
    - "calculus on manifolds" by Spivak
    - "Principles of Mathematical Analysis" by Rudin
    - "Analysis on manifolds" by Munkres

    There are probably lots more of books out there that deal with Stokes theorem, but I don't know them...
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    Thank you.
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    Micromass: I don't mean to diss you, but I think Rudin's proof is way too
    ungeometric, in case Nanas wants a somewhat-geometric argument, i.e.
    Rudin axiomatizes diff. forms, and does not give much of what I would
    consider enough background. But that comes down to a matter of taste.

    Most books in advanced calculus should have a proof
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    I completely agree!! Rudin's proof is horrible. I just included it because it has a proof of it, and because some people do tend to like Rudin. Don't know why though...
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    Green's theorem generalizes the fundamental theorem of calculus and if you give it a shot you will be able to prove it yourself. try it.
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