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Where can I find a really good summer job for 2009 in the Toronto/ GTA area? ?

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    I am currently a first year undergraduate student and need a summer job when schools ends in April. I would really like to work at some kind of office or do something research related if I can. I'm looking for some kind of experience that would set me apart for the crowd when I try to apply for Grad. School. Where would I look for these kinds of jobs and how would I find them? What kind of summer jobs or internships should I look for? and again, where?
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    You could try UHN (Toronto General Hospital, Toronto Western Hospital, Princess Margaret Hospital). I did a coop term there (UW student) as a QA analyst for 4 months. You really won't be able to do anything substantial with only 1 year under your belt. But they do a lot of medical research at UHN since they work closely with UoT.
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