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What sort of summer job should I get?

  1. Mar 10, 2015 #1
    I am currently a first year undergraduate majoring in physics and mathematics. I plan on applying to several different physics (and possibly math) internships/undergraduate research position next year. Before I begin applying I would however like to 'beef up' my CV, so I plan on obtaining some sort of summer job. What do you think would be the best sort of job that would reflect well on me when I begin applying for physics positions? I have no real preference, but I do only intend to take it as a summer job (as in I doubt I will continue when the fall term begins).
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    The most plentiful would probably be programming related jobs so it would be good if you had some MATLAB, Java or C/C++ in your pocket.
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    If your school has some kind of student tutoring center, they typically hire work-studies for tutoring some of the lower level courses. If you could get a job doing something like that, it would be good. It's not necessarily relevant to doing research, but it is relevant to doing math and physics, which is far better than getting some type of food service job or something like that. However, such jobs are likely to be more plentiful during the regular semesters.
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