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Where can I find an out of print scientific book?

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    I appreciate this isn't a physics question but I thought maybe someone would have experience in acquiring dusty old books that seem impossible to track down..

    I am looking for 'Crystallization of Biological Macromolecules' by A McPherson, I have searched Bristol, Exeter, Bath & Cambridge Universitys libraries for it... no luck the only library that has anything close is Cambridge.

    I have found several copies on Amazon.com/.de/.fr/.co.uk but all selling between $1000 and $3000!!!!

    I have even wrote to the author but he said he couldn't help me, and that I am not the only one who has asked..

    Does anyone know where I can take my search?


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    I have had pretty good luck with alibris.com. But wow, they want 1,545 $US for this title. I don't know exactly how the prices come about, but it's ultimately based on what someone else was willing to pay. And once a book is out of print, it is like waterfront real estate, "they're not making anymore..."
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    Did you try emailing the publisher/editor? They are the ones holding the rights to the book.

    Otherwise try finding teachers who have it (or anybody). Borrow it from them.

    One year, one of my teacher was using a Special Relativity book who wasn't sold anymore, but he had a copy of the book with him. He asked the publisher if he could make photocopies of the book, as they are the ones holding the right, and they agreed if he payed the rights, which was about 10$ per photocopies.
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    Here's the British Library's entry for the book http://catalogue.bl.uk/F/PNDU2BQ6UFEC5SJE99E3C5XUDHABTF8FTHRBQBC7BEX47LU54N-16702?func=find-acc&acc_sequence=062902034 [Broken]
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    http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/39261976/editions?editionsView=true&referer=br [Broken]

    interlibrary loan?
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    Andy Resnick

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    Tell me about it- I have been trying to locate some choice microscopy books (Pluta's Advanced Light microscopy, v. 1 and 3), but they are likewise overinflated.

    I second interlibrary loan, and Xeroxing.
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