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Where can I find some small particle materials?

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    I'm looking for small particle material.

    Please see a picture above. The left one is box shape and the other one is sphere shape.

    But the diameter of the sphere is very small like something around 20~100 μm.

    Both are made of same material of which modulus is over 20 GPa and both are homogeneous.

    Where can I ask to make these samples? Can you introduce me a company ?

    I hope the price of material is not much high.

    Thank you very much, always.

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    There are many companies that produce whatever shape you want for a large range of materials. Google will show you more than you can ever contact, I don't want to promote specific ones here.

    How precise does the box have to be? If the tolerance is large, use wood and a saw. I guess some objects sold on online markets have those dimensions, too.

    I moved the thread as it has nothing to do with high-energy physics.
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    Could you tell me at least the search words?

    It's hard for me to find the company in US.

    I think wood is not proper material because it is not homogeneous.

    I'm sorry about misplacing this thread on wrong section :)
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    Can you say anything about the application? What properties do you want the material to have? Conducting, non-conducting (think static electricity "cling" issues), density range? The more info you can provide, the better we can help guide you. :smile:
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    There were absolutely no specifications given in the original post.

    Anyway, the block is easy:
    For an aluminium block with those dimensions, shipping is probably more expensive than the actual aluminium block. For the spheres, it is hard to tell without specifications.

    Search terms might include "semi-finished products", "buy aluminium", "buy steel", ...
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    You could try a web search for micro-beads, but most of these are glass or plastic, and I'm not sure how spherical these are, or how small they can be.
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    A company called Cospheric makes spheres in a large range of diameters, including micron-size. They might have something that works for you.

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