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Where can i find theory&logic subforum

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    where can i find theory&logic subforum?
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    Here is the Set Theory, Probability and Logic subforum.
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    i was told that in the Probability and Logic subforum
    i can ask question like this one:
    mary bought ten books

    5 pairs of books
    each pair of books has its own colors
    a yellow pair ,a purple pair ,a black pair ,a blue pair, a red pair (10 books )
    she decided to arrange them on 4 shelves ,but there are rules for arranging them

    two books of the same color will not be on the same shelf
    a yellow book cannot be on the same shelf with a purple shelf
    a blue book will always be with a red book
    in each shelf the amount of books will not exceed 3 books

    what arrangement cannot happen if we know that on one self we have a purple and a blue books?
    A.there is another shelf which has a purple and a blue book on it
    B.there is a black book next to a red book
    C.there is a yellow book next to a black book
    D.there is a purple book next to a black book
    is it here??
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    No, I moved your threads to Brain Teasers.
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    is there "theory&logic subforum"

    i cant find it
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    ooohh sorry i didnt see the link
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