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Where can I get a cheap ceramic (hi temp.) superconductor?

  1. Sep 20, 2015 #1
    I used to have one for demonstration....need to find a current source ...maybe a small 1 inch diameter disk...or preferably a ring. Any sources? Thx.
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    Have you tried googling "YBCO demonstration kit"? Here are a couple of the first hits: http://www.superconductors.org/play.htm and http://www.can-superconductors.com/demonstration-kits.html

    If you have access to the correct equipment and a little expertise (it's an exercise for senior undergraduates) YBCO is also fairly easy to make. However, if you only need one bit, those kits above sound good.
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    I would like this also so i can test my shield blueprint.
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    Mister T

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    The kits are easy enough to find from any scientific supply house, like Arbor Scientific or the like. But I think the OP doesn't want to pay for the entire kit. I'm in the same boat. I have several kits, but the ceramic superconducting material degrades after a few uses and needs to be replaced. Drying it off after each use extends the life. If anyone knows of a source for just the superconducting ceramic discs please post. Thanks.
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