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Where can i get a mechanical engineer for prototype

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    I need a prototype built. The main design I have sorted out but need the engineer to tweak it here and there. Ive tried googling it and the results are top companies which are very expensive, is there anywhere I could find an individual who can do this work for me? Or would any of yiu guys happen to know someone who can create prototypes (doesnt have to be the polished version, just needs to be good enough for me to see whether its workable or not)
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    It depends on what kind of prototype you want built.

    I would start local and contact MEs who live or work near you. I'm sure they would listen to what you want done, and could advise you on who to contact should they not be able to render assistance with your project.
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    I second SK's suggestion. You can also use websites like LinkedIn and Craig's List to search for people in your area. You can look at local metal shops too, since they often are used for making prototypes.
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    That job needs R&D or A&D skills. There are companies I know in top countries like Canada, US, UK or Germany agreeing to pay a lot for their R&D team. Even when you would want to hire a contractor to do that, he would be a professional one. Yet none of the experienced, old freelancers I know are any bad by the way. Certainly the more skills you need, the higher you may have to pay.
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