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    I came up with a few ideas that MIGHT help the engineering and building a self-perpetuating device. One or two months ago I started this subject and found interesting input from other members. And I stated I would be working on this for the next one or two months and would come back to this site to discuss my design results. But now I can't find it. Did you remove it deliberately? If so, why would you remove an interesting subject and challenge which I have come back to share some INTERESTING characteristics of the design with others to think about and provide some input in what I am working on?
    I won't mind going elsewhere with my interesting subjects to discuss and share the results of my challenging designs. I am not a bimbo that drifts around various websites for worthless discussions. And if you had left that self-perpetuating subject on your website I could have added something interesting to the subject that others WOULD WANT TO READ ABOUT.
    How old are the staff members/mentors?
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    Gee, you should have read the rules, eh?

    Specifically banned topics.

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