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Where do I get a very important paper published?

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    I have been working very hard over the past few weeks and have managed to confirm a theory I have been harboring for a long time (mainly, that Einstein was incorrect about light and that it is in fact not a constant but varies according to the region of space you are in). This has profuse implications of course, mainly dealing with estimating the age of our universe. I rechecked the calculations twice so I know they are correct. Can someone tell me who I could contact to get this published in some big journal or something?
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    Thank you for the link. I understand if people are skeptical since this is a very advanced topic and it is likely over their heads, but hopefully it will be more clear to them in the future :)
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    Oh, I doubt that it is over their heads :wink:
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    Well you would be surprised as I used some very advanced techniques such as calculus and matrix algebra. I would show it to you but I can not yet as it will (hopefully) one day net me a prize [maybe a Nobel o:)] though I can not risk having it exposed. I am sure you understand.
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    No offense but I don't think you'll meet too many people on this board that don't understand calculus/linear algebra.
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