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Where in the world can i purchase a A ram air turbine Rat_

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    where in the world can i purchase a A ram air turbine Rat.._ i want to mount it on the roof of my rv trailer build. and use it as a wind turbine generator as i drive down the road, to recharge my batteries.. i heard you really cant use a regular wind turbine or can you..?? or will it just shut down at those speeds and turbulence.. i found one, on ebay but the seller backed out on me, after i paid...
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    This does not directly answer your question, I don't think that is a good approach all. Getting the power from the motor/wheel connection is way more effective.
    The regular commercial wind turbines are way too large, they won't fit on your car anyway.
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    It will add drag, which will cause you to use more fuel. It would be more efficient to just directly mount an alternator to the engine.
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    Recharge which batteries? Just get power from your RV power outlet to recharge any batteries.
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