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Eletric motor with wind turbine (And in side small generator

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    Hello all my friends...! This is my first discusion about this type of discusion , so let make long short story i read people from 2009 want to find way how to use wind in car producion or self use... I was thinking let me try to find way to get solution on that problem so after long thinking , i find perfect way but now we will discuse its that in Practise usefull... i was thinking Electro motor 85kw (from tesla one Ac what consume 1000 amp 300 w) why its perfect on way with batery and motor can fit on L1 or (DN-One Project)... so Car Modification on Interior to be a bit up for 10 to 15 cm. So this type if turbines are not only air flow , they have Comlex Sistem what will control flow on air (to dont broke wind generators propeller) in side will have that kind of generators so that generators suply batery with energy + of roof solar im thinking that will be on long way search on natural progress and own car regeneration on energy so if you ask me how much can produse energy ? I can say near 65kw with Both sistems so wanna open discusion let talk so i want to hear opinions :) before i go in university to offer it

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    Simon Bridge

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    Welcome to PF;
    It is unclear what problem you are trying to solve with this proposal.
    There are already cars run on electric batteries and motors - including some which have solar panels ... what role would the wind turbine play in all this?

    Is the idea to use the wind flowing over the car as it goes to run a turbine to charge the car's battery?
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    yes sorry for my bad unclear say... its wind flowing turbine inside have small generators for charge batery what they have each 16w (can be put 14 trubines in one car mesure : from 3 to 5 meter long and from1,80 to 2 wide) and max small generators can be put from 1700 to 1900
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    The wind to spin the turbines comes from the motor moving the car, which is powered by the batteries, so no new energy can be harvested this way.

    Since this is an attempt at a perpetual motion machine, this thread is locked, per PF rules.
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