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Where is the higgs boson located in the atom? or is it even in the atom?

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    what is the location of the higgs boson?
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    It is a virtual particle that transmits force so there are many of them being transferred between individual particles letting them know how to react.
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    Well one should say that WITHIN the ATOM the higgs particle only "exists" as a virtual particle as in quantum fluctionation. The same holds true for e.g. the Z boson, b-quarks, t-quarks and so forth. The higgs boson can be "real" (i.e. physical, on shell) if we for instance merge very high energy positrons with electrons (i.e. the LEP experiments at CERN), when the centre of mass is higher than the rest mass of the higgs boson there is a finite probability that it can be realized ("prodiced") c.f. the Z-boson which was found exactly in this way.
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