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Where to buy pressure and temperature tank gauges?

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    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knew where I could buy tank gauges that read both the pressure and temperature inside the tank. They can be digital, in fact if it is cheap enough it would be preferred. Does anybody have any ideas? Northern Tool at least the one here didn't, Lowe's didn't, and Home Depot didn't. Scuba shops have some but not at the ranges I need (1-50psi and 0- ~500 degrees F).
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    Sorry, forgot to mention I need it for compressed air. Not a liquid :)
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    http://www.omega.com/" [Broken] can be expensive but they have most everything.
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    check with Neilsen Kellerman, they have all sorts of equipment and may be able to custom make. I get my Kestrel there. http://www.nkhome.com Also, Davies instruments.
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    Thank you for the help, I am communicating with the first 2 companies via email. Another thing that might help is if anyone knows if there is a compressed air tank with a temperature gauge, attached that will work too :) Pressure gauges for compressed air are very easy to find, I am just having trouble finding a temperature gauge for the medium :(
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