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Where to Get Small Brushless DC Motors

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    Hopefully this is the appropriate forum for this sort of question, but I was wondering if any of you might know where I could buy small brushless DC motors online.

    I've been Googling around for a while, but most of the ones that I found are too large and expensive for what I need, as they're meant for RC airplanes and the like.

    Basically what I want is something with the size and performance of what might be found in a computer case fan, but without having to actually cannibalize a computer fan. (Although this could work.)

    I thought some of you people who are into robotics might know where to get them. Thanks in advance.

    Just in case anyone is curious, I'm going to use 3 of them to make a spirograph-type laser light show with variable speed controls for each motor. :cool:
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    Have you tried;


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    I only found one motor on any of those sites that's brushless, and there aren't many specs that they show for it.

    Maybe I should just cannibalize a few computer fans. It would certainly be easier than trying to hunt down the motor separately.

    Some of those sites are pretty cool though, thanks for those!
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    Try http://www.graybar.com/" [Broken], they may have some.

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    Sorry, I didn't realize you wanted brushless motors. I saw DC in your post and for some reason I just assumed brushed. If that's the case the smallest your probably going to find are the the computer fan motors or you can cannibalize CD-ROM drive motors. CD-ROM motors are very easy to modify (used them for many projects) and can be easily tailored to many applications.
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    Try this site, not only do they show how, there are some that will sell to you. There is a lot here so spend some time looking through the topics, and threads.


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    Wow, thanks for giving me the idea of cd-rom motors! A quick Google showed tons of sites with information on modifying and using them.

    I'll be sure to check out that RC groups site.

    For my purposes I can probably even just glue the mirrors directly on to the rotor can.
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