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Which class should I devote more time to?

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    My current Physics class which is a regular physics calc based mechanics class isn't very difficult. Actually I already took the class in H.S and got a 5 on the AP Physics C exam. I decided to retake the class because I thought I didn't know enough Mechanics and that it would be good to reinforce what I already know. However the class is easier then I thought it would be and it doesn't really sap a lot of time. So in response I started to read the Feynman lecture and do extra chapters in my textbook to learn more. My other class my calc III class however is a lot harder and I've been studying hard for my midterm. If I do well on this midterm then I don't know if i should devote more effort to learning more math, or should I focus on learning more physics. Of coarse if I do bad on the midterm I will try my hardest in calc III to do well on the final and I'll just do what I am currently doing in physics.

    Thanks you very much
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    If your physics class isn't challenging you but math is then you should devote much more time to studying math than physics. Once you know and understand the mathematics applying it to the physics is trivial.
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    yea really, you sort of answered your own question. Physics is physics at the end of the day, Math can trick you up easier in my opinion.
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    Obviously if you're doing worse in math then study it more.
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    My suggestion is, well if you can, you should have taken a statics course. That is a more analytic view of machanics related to physics, but also in a more engineering approach. Sounds like you really want to KNOW this stuff! So, that would have been more practical, in my opinion. You would be eligable because you got a 5 on the ap exam. And well I believe the class is easier than taking physics, because I think it goes over strictly statics you know rather than linear velocity or energy, blah blah blah where you can learn the true practicality to the mechanics of physics such as knowing how to keep a building stable by analyzing whats going on in the rotational motion thats keeping it stable and of course you would be looking at everything in terms of "torque." You should definitely focus more on the calc III course, but if you can, just if you can, sign up for the statics course. Beg if you need to. Tell them your situation!
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    I might consider a static class but there is no ways they would let a physics major switch out of his physics class to take a engineering class in my school this late. I'll just focus on calc III so I can have the math to tackle my E@M class next semester. Thanks a lot all of you.
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    But you want to really keep those skills up which means you should take it and if you also want to go after your physics major, you can even take general physics 2 with the E and M part alongside. Sounds like a lot, but you should totally do it and you could succed in it if you love it enough! :)
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    If I was you, I would focus on the math. If you think about it, physics is math applied to the physical world. Its no wonder that people say math is the language of physics. Learn your math and the physics concepts can follow! Don't underestimate the importance of mathematics.
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