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Which has highest density/boiling point: neon 20 or 22. Please help

  1. Sep 4, 2008 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    Pure samples of neon have different densitys and boiling points

    b)which has highest density: neon 20 or 22

    attempt at answer

    I believe that the highest density would be neon 22, infact im almost sure (lmao if i am wrong :P) I am not so sure about highest boiling point however neon 22 also seems like the logical answer to this as there is more neutrons however i am confused because i am sure i should use both of them :O

    please can someone give an answer and explain it :D. This would be greatly appreciated
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    Density is simply mass per unit volume, e.g. kg/m3 or gm/cm3. The nucleus of Ne-22 is approximately 2 amu heavier than the nucleus of Ne-20.

    A more massive object offers more resistance to forces/acceleration. What implication might that have for a boiling point?
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    So if thats the case then if more resistance is put up by the neon 22 then it would have the highest boiling point also as it would take more heat for the resistance to be overcome :D. Please feel free to correct if i'm wrong :P

    Thankyou very much mate :D

    apreciate it, Tonto :D
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