What is Neon: Definition and 47 Discussions

Neon is a chemical element with the symbol Ne and atomic number 10. It is a noble gas. Neon is a colorless, odorless, inert monatomic gas under standard conditions, with about two-thirds the density of air. It was discovered (along with krypton and xenon) in 1898 as one of the three residual rare inert elements remaining in dry air, after nitrogen, oxygen, argon and carbon dioxide were removed. Neon was the second of these three rare gases to be discovered and was immediately recognized as a new element from its bright red emission spectrum. The name neon is derived from the Greek word, νέον, neuter singular form of νέος (neos), meaning new. Neon is chemically inert, and no uncharged neon compounds are known. The compounds of neon currently known include ionic molecules, molecules held together by van der Waals forces and clathrates.
During cosmic nucleogenesis of the elements, large amounts of neon are built up from the alpha-capture fusion process in stars. Although neon is a very common element in the universe and solar system (it is fifth in cosmic abundance after hydrogen, helium, oxygen and carbon), it is rare on Earth. It composes about 18.2 ppm of air by volume (this is about the same as the molecular or mole fraction) and a smaller fraction in Earth's crust. The reason for neon's relative scarcity on Earth and the inner (terrestrial) planets is that neon is highly volatile and forms no compounds to fix it to solids. As a result, it escaped from the planetesimals under the warmth of the newly ignited Sun in the early Solar System. Even the outer atmosphere of Jupiter is somewhat depleted of neon, although for a different reason.Neon gives a distinct reddish-orange glow when used in low-voltage neon glow lamps, high-voltage discharge tubes and neon advertising signs. The red emission line from neon also causes the well known red light of helium–neon lasers. Neon is used in some plasma tube and refrigerant applications but has few other commercial uses. It is commercially extracted by the fractional distillation of liquid air. Since air is the only source, it is considerably more expensive than helium.

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  1. Astronuc

    B Sun contains more oxygen, silicon and neon than previously thought

    Ekaterina Magg, Maria Bergemann and colleagues have published results of new calculations concerning the composition of the sun. https://phys.org/news/2022-05-solar-spectrum-decade-long-controversy-sun.html As part of the work on her Ph.D. in that group, Ekaterina Magg set out to calculate in...
  2. T

    B Exploring the Potential X-Ray Emissions of Neon Signs

    Hello guys. I'm interested about wether or not a conventional neon sign such as this one could emit xray that could be harmful. Thanks a lot :)
  3. WMDhamnekar

    MHB What is the final pressure of helium and neon gas mixture in this case?

    The answer given to the above question is Final pressure$=\frac{(10.0mol\times 5.00bar) + (5.00 mol \times 20.0 bar)}{(10.0 mol +5.00 mol)}= 10.0 bar$ Is this answer correct? if yes, How and why? My question is while computing this answer, the volumes of each gas is not considered. Note:-...
  4. Zahid Iftikhar

    I Energy Transfer Mechanism in Helium Neon Gas Laser

    I need help to understand the energy transfer mechanism in Helium Neon Gas laser. When helium atom is excited and staying in its metastable state, it is said to have collision with neon atom and thus transfers its 20.61eV energy plus some of its kinetic energy 0.05eV to enable neon atom to reach...
  5. S

    Minimum breakdown voltage in Neon, Electrode spacing in mm

    Hello all. I am conducting a simple research project, and am having a little trouble with the math for paschen's law. my question is. At 74762 Microns of pressure, using pure Neon gas, what is the electrode spacing in mm for the minimum breakdown voltage of that gas? Thank you.
  6. spareine

    Plasma ball, energy levels of neon and xenon

    I was wondering about the filament colors in a plasma ball that I have got. The main part of each filament is blue, but its end part is pink. Possibly the gas is 95% neon and 5% xenon, the pink part is light emitted by neon, and blue part light emitted by xenon. Using a hand spectroscope I...
  7. patric44

    Can i use a neon lamp as radiation detctor?

    hi guys i was just wondering if i can use one of those neon indicator as some sort of ionization champer or as a crude geiger-mullar tube. and use the basic circuit of the radiation detector to make a simple radiation detector/counter this is the circuit i came up with : so the circuit works...
  8. Manolis

    Driving a neon bulb with high frequency

    I want to produce a 100 volt peak to peak symmetrical AC waveform to light a miniature neon bulb. It strikes at about 90 volts then settles ("clamps") at about 50 volts, according to the spec. I want the frequency to be at least 10 kHz for easy filtering because the circuit will also be passing...
  9. A

    A Problem in continuous function of Excimer laser

    I am student of MS and working in the field of laser. I am trying to run an old Excimer laser system (XeCl) having output energy 400mJ, pulse width 30ns and frequency 1-100Hz. The laser works only for less than one hours after filling with new gases and the energy continuously decreases within...
  10. G

    Discover Visible Wavelengths for Neon Spectrum | Resources & Links Included

    I need a list of neon visible wavelengths. I wonder if any of you know of any good resources. I've tried searching but sometimes I get too many numbers. I also need to link each number with the spectrum colour chart, but so far I can't find anything like that. cos I don't want just want an...
  11. W

    Finding the total translational KE of 1kg of Neon

    Homework Statement The screen shot I have attached is the original question, I think I'm ok up until the Ne part. My answer just seems like a ridiculous number, I haven't had much experience with this so don't really know what an 'normal' KE for 1kg of gas would be. Homework EquationsThe...
  12. M

    Find the average velocity of the molecules of neon before an

    Homework Statement A container has neon gas in the temperature 273 K. We heat the container to the temperature 373 k, keeping the volume constant. Find the average velocity of the molecules of neon before and after the heat. Homework Equations U=3/2vRT The Attempt at a Solution I thought to...
  13. C

    Planet with dense neon atmosphere and streams of CO2

    Idea is a cold planet with dense atmosphere (10 atm) where human can survive, while a liquid carbon dioxide would be possible. As the main component of atmosphere I think about neon, because it should not cause nitrogen narcosis: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nitrogen_narcosis#Causes...
  14. A

    Neon energy levels in He-Ne laser

    Neon is the lasing element in He-Ne laser. The lasing transition(632.8nm) is from 3s to 2p. In the energy level diagram there is one 1.15μm transition from 2s to 2p. But we studied that 2s orbital have lower energy than 2p then how it is possible, in the energy diagram, 2s level have higher...
  15. skyshrimp

    How can neon have a melting point?

    I just read that sodium has a higher melting point than neon. As neon is a noble gas, how can it have a melting point if it isn't a solid?
  16. H

    Trying to understand neon lights

    Hi, I'm trying to understand how neon lights work. I understand that the emitted light comes from excited atoms in the gas, and I know what a neon light consists of. But I'm a little bit confused about one part, how do the atoms get excited? I've seen two different explanations, if I understand...
  17. DaTario

    Neon Lamp Polarity Measurement

    Hi All, I would like to know why the neon lamp is used to measure electrical polarity. What is the working mechanism involved. Best wishes, DaTario
  18. D

    Why does Neon gas sometimes glow brilliant white ?

    Hello, I was recently pulsing a coil at fairly high voltages (200-600VDC) using DC squarewave, at fairly high frequencies (100Hz - 1.3KHz). The output of the coil had a Neon bulb attached. I wasn't measuring current output at the time. At one point, i don't remember the frequency or...
  19. B

    Can Plasma from Neon Tubes Create a Plasma Jet?

    I just randomly thought of this topic one day and was curious since. Is it possible to use a plasma jet and make a "plasma jet" with the plasma from a neon tube? Please explain why and maybe how?
  20. W

    How does the size of He- compare to that of a neon atom?

    I understand that He- is larger than He, but I don't know which is bigger between He- and Ne.. please help??
  21. A

    Neon laser grade 12 physics

    A single slit is illuminated with a helium-neon laser whose wavelength is 633 nm. If the slit width is 2.2 x 10 e-5 m, calculate the position of the third maximum in degrees 2. Homework Equations Sin Theta(m) = (m + 0.5) Lambda/w 3. The Attempt at a Solution Sin Theta(3) = (3 +...
  22. E

    Use the density of the liquid to estimate the radius of a neon atom.

    Homework Statement Neon is a monatomic gas; Density = 0.900 kg.m-3 Pressure = 1 atm Temperature = 273K. Density of liquid neon = 1207 kg.m-3 (i) Calculate the volume occupied by one gram mole of neon at a temperature of 273 K and a pressure of 1 atm. (ii) Determine the atomic...
  23. G

    One mole of neon, a monatomic gas, starts out at STP.

    Homework Statement One mole of neon, a monatomic gas, starts out at STP. The gas is heated at constant volume until its pressure is tripled, then further heated at constant pressure until its volume is doubled. Assume that neon behaves as an ideal gas. For the entire process, find the heat...
  24. D

    Neon Indicator lamp replacement

    I have this neon indicator lamp that I would like to replace with an LED. It is a part of an old flash gun. The indicator is made to show "charge complete" and I've measured that to start from 240V and keep going until maybe 350V. The indicator lamp is connected in series with a 1.5Gohm...
  25. G

    Helium-Neon Laser: Meaning of Fast Radiative Transition

    hi my question has to do with this energy level diagram http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/e/ed/Hene-2.png" i was wondering, what the meaning of this "fast radiative transition is"? as far as i understood this, the light that you mainly want to get is the transition from 3s to 2p. but...
  26. P

    Transition of neon from ground state to excited state

    Neon has lowest excited energy at 1(s^2)2(s^2)2(p^5)3(s^1) state. And the excitation energy is about 16.9eV. And next energy is at 1(s^2)2(s^2)2(p^5)3(p^1) state. And the excitation energy is about 19eV. In Franck Hertz experiment with Neon, current decrease at every 19eV, no 17eV. Why...
  27. T

    I have a question about Neon and lasers

    Okay so here's the phenomena that I've wondered about for the past week. I have a 400mv green laser. Very powerful...shines pretty damn far (you might have seen some like it on youtube or the like). But here's the story: I have a neon poster in my room. The other night I got bored and...
  28. morrobay

    Newtons Law of Cooling applied to hot Neon and Hydrogen gas

    Homework Statement 1 mole of Hydrogen gas at 300 Kevin is contained in a thin walled copper container. In container #2 there is 1 mole of Neon gas also at 300 Kevin. The volume= 22.4 liters and surface area ,A = .476 m^2 The surroundings are at 100 deg Kelvin. The specific heat of H2= 5...
  29. morrobay

    Cooling rates for Hydrogen and Neon gas

    Homework Statement 1 mole of Hydrogen gas at 300 Kelvin is in a thin walled copper container vol 22.4 liters surface area A = .476 M^2 In vessel #2 , 1 mole of Neon gas also 300 Kevin The specific heat of H2= 5 cal/mole (K) Thermal conductivity (k) H2 = .0433 cal/sec. converts to .00866...
  30. Spinnor

    Flickering neon bulb, what causes the flicker?

    I have a power strip with a neon bulb that I would like to understand better. I can vary the voltage to the power strip by turning off and on an electric heater in the same room. With the heater on the voltage at the power strip reads about 125.0V on a digital volt meter. With the heater off the...
  31. A

    Understanding the Fire and Sustain Voltage of a Neon Lamp

    Dear we have been asked to devise an experiment to find the resistance of a resistor using neon lamp. Can some help me please i have to submit it in next couple of days. I know about resistance but have no idea of neon lamp. Please help me making lab report.
  32. N

    Neon sign, transformer failure

    Hi all- Can anyone offer any insight into a problem I've noticed for years but don't know how to solve? I'm a self taught neon tube bender. I am not an electrician or electrical engineer. Through the years, I've noticed neon tube, fluorescent lamp, transformer and ballast failure more often...
  33. A

    Neon Ions Acceleration in Tube w/20kN/C Field

    A section of an advertising sign consists of a long tube filled with neon gas having electrodes inside at both ends. A uniform electric field of 20 kN/C is set up between the electrodes, and neon ions accelerate along the length of the tube. Given that the ions each have a mass of 3.35 X 10-26kg...
  34. S

    Could Liquid Neon Be a Viable Rocket Fuel?

    It is my understanding that when neon goes from a liquid to a gas, it has an expansion ratio of 1:1400. Would using N- and N+ be a realistic rocket fuel? I understand that it would take a lot of energy but is there a way to figure out how much?
  35. P

    The Internal Energy of Neon Gas

    Homework Statement The internal energy of a monoatomic ideal gas such as neon is simply the total kinetic energy of all its atoms. What is the internal energy of 2 liters of neon at a temperature of 200 K and pressure of 0.7 atm? Homework Equations PV = nRT KE(ave) = 3/2kT U =...
  36. M

    Elastic collision of neon atom problem

    Homework Statement A neon atom (m = 20.0 u) makes a perfectly elastic collision with another atom at rest. After the impact, the neon atom travels away at a 57.9° angle from its original direction and the unknown atom travels away at a -45.4° angle. What is the mass (in u) of the unknown atom...
  37. T

    Which has highest density/boiling point: neon 20 or 22. Please help

    Homework Statement Pure samples of neon have different densitys and boiling points b)which has highest density: neon 20 or 22 attempt at answer I believe that the highest density would be neon 22, infact I am almost sure (lmao if i am wrong :P) I am not so sure about highest...
  38. S

    Thermal Physics: Kinetic Energy of Neon Molecules

    [SOLVED] thermal physics Homework Statement a) What is the total random kinetic energy of all the molecules in one mole of neon at a temperature of 305 K? I got 3801.83J (b) With what speed would a mole of neon have to move so that the kinetic energy of the mass as a whole would be equal to...
  39. Y

    Neon Sign Light: Continuous Spectrum or Few Colors?

    need to hand in an assingment in an hour. would appreciate help on this : "Does the light emitted by a neon sign constitute a continuous spectrum or only a few colors? Defend your answer" thank you
  40. T

    How much energy would neon gas absorb to increase the temperature

    i have 3 questions that i need help with Consider 180 g of neon gas. How much energy would it have to absorb to experience a temperature increase of 12 K? Construct a PV diagram for each of the following. (a) A gas begins with a volume of 14 L under pressure of 3 atm. The gas first...
  41. Facial

    Exploring the Uses of Helium, Krypton, Argon & Neon in Incandescent Bulbs

    I have a question about helium : If it is the most inert substance, why isn't it used more than krypton or argon for high-temperature incandescent bulbs? I don't see neon in light bulbs too often either.
  42. M

    Make a superhero with the chemical neon

    I need to make a superhero with the chemical neon and it should have stuff like physical qualities, chemical reactivity, how does it react with other elemts, what's it do, historical facts, neighbours in periodic table.. when was it discovered and by whom i was wondering if you guys could...
  43. O

    Revamping My Scooter with 12V LED Neon Sticks & Axle Generator

    I have a scooter, which looks like this one http://img47.imageshack.us/my.php?image=gsra3eng9zq.jpg and i have two 7.2 volt battery packs to run two 12 volt led neon sticks that would sit underneath the deck and light up and look cool :rolleyes: . Well this works, but i think the voltage...
  44. L

    Size & AMU of Neon Atom Model: Ideas?

    How would I show the relationship of the protons, neutrons and electrons of a Neon atom in a model using the AMU? I know Protons = 1 AMU and Neutrons = 1AMU and the Electrons =1/1836 AMU? If each proton and neutron (20 total)in the nucleus of my neon model is 1 inch, the total size would be 20...
  45. D

    Immediate source of the colored light produced by neon signs?

    immediate source of the colored light produced by "neon" signs? What is the immediate source of the colored light produced by "neon" signs?