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Which job can i take if i study physics

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    some ppl study foundation of engineering after gcse if they want to beome engineer.but some choose to take A Levels and study physics.why do they still want to study alevels if they want to become engineer?why dont they straight away take foundation of engineering?arent these two the same thing?is there ay job that cant be apply by foundation of engineering students but can be applied be alevels physics student?are there any other jobs can be taken if we study physics in alevels besides engineering?
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    reply PLEASE
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    As far as I can tell both approaches are viable depending into which area you wish to go, there is no difference, it just depends on what you are looking for.

    I'm not an authority, but many physics degrees can lead into the Nuclear industry, this is currently much of the jobs I see if you are only looking to go as far as the degree like me. I also work in a medical physics department, so clinical scientist is another job that may well appeal, this involves doing a masters then getting an accreditation and involves all sorts of physics such as MRIs, CT Scans, x-rays, PET-CT, mammograms, 4-D ultrasounds and other procedures, the last experimental work I saw involved a PhD student doing research into ultrasound and bone Imaging to reveal osteoporosis.

    Also you can go into the engineering side with a degree or sometimes just A-levels or a HND, and work on x-ray machines,MRIs etc and a more technical than scientific approach. Engineering is an incredibly broad field, you may want to consider pinning down what side of engineering your looking into before asking about what jobs are out there, there are hundreds, I can only speak from my point of view and people who have studied engineering are always welcome where I work in more hands on areas and sometimes in device recall and management in cases of adverse incidents involving electronic devices or as I said in fixing and maintaining equpiment.
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