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Which Master Education Should I Prefer?

  1. Aug 10, 2014 #1
    As I said that I couldnt find a job in chemistry field with my chemistry degree.I have considered to study master education. ( Now I ve found cashier job in a local construction tools market)
    So I can go for these master fields:


    - Metallurgical Engineering

    - Chemistry : Organic , Inorganic etc.

    Which one do you suggest me to study? In my city , there are lots of iron& steel works/factories around here.
    Which one is best suits with chemistry and which one is best for job opportunities?
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    I don't think anyone here could really help with guidance. We don't know the city, country or job market.

    In general though, engineers are in higher demand than chemists also depending on the specific engineering field ie mechanical vs electrical so you need to network with people you know and find out what jobs are popping up.
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    Check which of the metal businesses in your region use laboratory people for checking electroplate solutions. Your having a degree in Chemistry should have given you some experience with titrations, so learning to titrate metal ion solutions and acids and bases should be a smooth learning process.
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