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Which motherboard should I get?

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    In my opinion? The ASUS, as MSI is trash. The MSIs I've had have all been slow and had intolerably buggy drivers. One of them even caught fire. ASUS is a solid brand, though.
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    All of the reviews of that MSI motherboard have been positive, and based on what I've researched, it has more features than the ASUS board.
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    Check for followups and reviews of owners, not just website reviews where they only run the thing for an hour or two. Your money is your own of course, was just volunteering my experience, which may of course be abnormal.

    I'm a fan of ASUS and EPOX, do not care for MSI or Gigabyte. Others I'm neutral on.
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    I saw that the MSI Big Bang M-power was tested with prime95 for 24 hours straight without failing.
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    I'd be WAY more impressed with a test that ran it for an hour a day every other day for a couple of months.

    I mean, a single 24-hr test has exactly one power up/down cycle. NOT impressive.
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    Repeated thermal cycles weakening a solder connection is most likely what caused the fire on the MSI I had. Fire may be overstating it a bit; it got hot enough to let out all the special smoke and melt the connector though. They warranty replaced it, but it took over a month.
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    I'm using an MSI X58 motherboard and I have had absolutely NO issues with it whatsoever for going on 2 years now..
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