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Courses Which of these courses is best for an ME major?

  1. Jan 7, 2010 #1
    Advanced Calculus for Applications I
    Matrices and Matrics Calculations
    Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable
    Vector and Tensor Analysis I
    Partial Differential Equations and Applications
    Fourier and Laplace Transformations
    Fourier and Laplace Transformations
    Introductory Biology I
    Principles of Chemistry II
    Physical Geology
    Introduction to Geology
    Geologic Engineering
    Modern Physics for Engineers

    These are all the natural science/math electives required of the ME undergrad program at Univeristy of Texas at Austin. I'm trying to figure out which classes would benefit me the most in my studies and future career, NOT just "broaden my horizon."

    Could someone rank his top 4 picks out of these courses for an ME major?
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    matrices, PDE's, Fourier transforms, advanced calculus.

    but if you really want to benefit yourself, why not just take more upper level ME classes? or audit a grad course?
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    I MUST select classes from one of those choices. It's a requirement.

    Thanks BTW!
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