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Which pump is suitable for a mist fan?

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    Dear All,

    Would you please guide me regarding I want to make a mist fan. A low level mist is required almost 4 to 5 feet. I need all information regarding tube dia, nozzal specification specially pump specification.

    Thanks in advance.


    Kashif Usman
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    Welcome to PF!

    How misty? The finer the mist, the higher the required pressure. If you're looking to "mist" flowers, it won't need to be too high, but if you are looking to do evaporative cooling for people, you'll want a much finer mist and higher pressure. And how much water (flow rate)?
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    Thanks for reply. its all about cooling but not for people..... I am bird lover and in Karachi, Pakistan temperature is almost 42 C. Water is stored in tanks.
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