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Which school is better for theoretical physics - Princeton or MIT

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    So the end of high school is in sight and I now have to start considering colleges. I see alot of papers written by professors in Princeton, + it is known for Einstein having taught there. Then there's MIT, a school I always hear about. Supposing I have a choice, which one of these colleges offer a better education in theoretical physics?
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    I don't think einstein taught at princeton. He was at the institute of advanced study, which is near princeton, but he didn't have any real affiliation with the school (much like the current bright minds in physics there now, like witten)

    Not that my opinion really counts any, but I would think that you could not go wrong either place. Sorry I can't help more.
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    your university won't matter too much until grad school. and smaller universities might have very strong departments in some particular branches of physics so don't rule them out in favor of the big name schools. just go where ever is convenient for you and once you figure out what you're going to specialize in start looking into what universities offer good programs that interest you.
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    The difference in the quality of the undergraduate physics education at MIT and Princeton is essentially negligible. The same can probably be said about any number of other schools.

    I think you will need to use other criteria to make your choice -- for starters, you need to get in first!
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    Visit both and see which you would have more fun in. That's what I'm doing next weekend (not with those exact schools).

    Do some research, visit the websites, one of the universities may offer programs which appeal highly to you.
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    If this is your undergraduate, then neither will be appreciably different. Go to the one that is closer/cheaper (yeah, right).
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