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Which truss structure is stronger in this jpg?

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    All things considered equal, would one of these truss structures be stronger than the other?
    Consider all heights equal, load equal, arms dimensionally equal, etc.. Just going off the angle difference of the triangles.

    Oh... if there is a difference in strength, how can you calculate that? Is there a way to say one is 12% stronger?


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    Strictly a guess, without proof, I would pick the truss on the left as the stronger one.

    You should be able to set this problem up to show which is stronger by formulating the truss problem wiht the angle as a parameter.
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    Ranger Mike

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    if length is the same and length is the same then the left one is stronger, has more trinagulation, ha 5 croas ties vs right one that has 4
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    The one on the left would be stronger.
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    This is just a section of a larger beam. I was curious if the different angles of the truss arms (shown in jpg) increase, or decrease, the strength of the beam and can it be quantified. Thanks for the reply!
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    Is there any equation to measure the percent of difference?
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    There is no "one" equation but you can analyze the warren truss using method of joints.
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