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Schools Which university should I choose? (Ontario)

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    So, I have to decide soon for which univeristy I'm going to attend for Fall 2010. Right now, my choice has been narrowed down to Waterloo and Toronto for their General Mathematics programs (General math co-op for UW). I have talked to people from both univeristies, but I want to hear the real story from those who might have gone to these institutions and actually are completeing/completed the program. Here are some of my main concerns...

    Which one would lead me to a better future? A lot of people tell me that most people look to waterloo for math undergrads over any other univeristy. Is this true, or would I benefit the same amount attending Toronto?

    How is the difficulty jump from secondary school to first year? I got a 97% in Advanced Functions and I currently have a 95% in Calculus/Vectors (i'm expecting it to go up a little though :) ), and I got 100% in Data Management (if it matters). Assuming I at least maintain the effort I put into the work, how would I fare at either Univeristy?

    Another factor: I live closer to Toronto, and they have offered me $8k total in scholarships. Waterloo has offered me nothing yet, except for the $2k entrance scholarship, and I would have to live on residence too, so that option is much more pricy.However, I do like Waterloo's atmosphere more than Toronto's.

    These are the main things that are floating around in my mind now. Any advice would be appreciated. : )

    ALSO: I'm going to be writing the Euclid Contest in April, so if anyone here has written it and has some advice for preparing, please let me know.
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    Well I am a high school student too. I applied to both schools as well, but I am personally leaning towards UofT, bu that's probably because I want to do Math/Physics. Bottom line is they both appeal to me and I personally think that for math they both are great schools.(By the way the Math Curriculum sucks. I don't know your background but some advanced reading could be to your benefit. Especially for these 2 schools).
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