Which volcano has the greatest fire lake?

  1. Please tell me which active volcano on the Earth has got the largest fire lake (or moving (long) magma) like them below?
    And also, which fire lake has got the highest temperature? Briefly, I am looking for the largest and hottest fire lakes/places on the Earth :rolleyes:
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    Have you done any research on this? Have you tried Google?
  4. Yes, I tried but nothing interesting found
  5. Eagle, you may want to take advice from Yoda: "No try, only do...do or do not." :-)

    I googled Lava Lake, the fifth link ought to get you on your way:

    Currently, there are only five lava lakes in the world: Erta Ale in Ethiopia, Nyiragongo in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kilauea in Haiwaii, Mount Erebus in Antarctica and Villarrica in Chile.
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  7. D English
    Thanks guys :smile:
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