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Which wheel loses traction first?

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    When you drive a real wheel drive too fast around a corner, the two inner wheels lose some down-force due to mass transfer. If you oversteer, does the rear inner wheel lose traction first? And then trigger the oversteer?

    If so, are there any equations to determine how the weight is distributed knowing the total mass of the car, the distance between wheels, the height of the CG, etc...?

    Thank you in advance for any help!
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    Ranger Mike

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    hello and welcome..loss of traction depends on if it is an open or limited slip differential. I recommend you look at a post in Automotive Engineering section called Race Car Suspension Class..
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    Hello and thanks for your fast answer.

    The car we are using has a limited slip differential. More specifically a Torsen LSD.

    I will read that post and come back as soon as I can.

    What we are trying to do is a "2 wing dynaimc spoiler" that will raise its left or right half to provide the needed downforce to the rear inner wheel so that it won't slip. What we are trying to figure out is how much of the total weight is being put on that wheel, and how much does it need so that it doesn't slip. The difference will be provided by the spoiler.

    Thanks again
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    Any tips or ideas? Thanks guys!
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    In general to determine distribution of forces when a car takes a turn, you must consider gyroscopic effect equations. That shows how a moment is created to lift the inner wheels while taking a turn.
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