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White vs. Black Women's Stereotype Experiences in STEM

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    An interesting article indeed, and I am surprised that African-American women were less likely to associate STEM professionals with men, and that African-American men were less likely to assume that STEM fields were more masculine (especially in light of the fact that, at least according to the surveys of college/university students that I'm familiar with, African-Americans are underrepresented in STEM studies). I'm curious to see how this would be reflected in the breakdown of African-American students in STEM on college/university campuses.
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    ...but do they actually tend to graduate more women in STEM fields than men? About one in ten engineers I work with are women. And about one in 8 of them are black (I have known two or three in my career). Given the quantization effects, that doesn't make for much of a trend. I wonder what the sample size was
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