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Who accredits Physics/Astronomy programs?

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    My background is EE where (in the US) the gold standard is ABET accreditation. Is there an analogous accreditation for physics/astronomy programs (something beyond regional accreditation of the University)?
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    I don't think there's any accreditation for physics or astronomy programs in the US. Chemistry has optional ACS accreditation, but physics doesn't have anything through the APS. Physics is part of any ABET accreditation, but only to the basic level (calculus based intro classes, mostly).
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    That is correct, there is no formal accreditation program for physics degree programs in the US, like there is for chemistry.

    I guess this is because there is no clear professional path for "physicists" who have only a bachelor's degree, unlike engineers and chemists.
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    I think in the UK Physics undergrad programmes are accredited by the IoP - the Institute of Physics. Not sure if there is anything equivalent in the US or elsewhere.
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    I'm sure people just look at where you got your PhD to make sure you went to a decent place.
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