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Who are the people who study physics and maths?

  1. Oct 5, 2009 #1
    I often wonder about what type of people study math and physics. I am currently in a Maritime school, studying to be machine chief. It's sorta difficult to explain the education. We have Maths on A level, physics on B, chemistry C and a bunch of electrical courses, which is the hardest of them all.

    I am thinking about taking a second education, undergrad or masters in Physics or Maths. But, my question is; Is the education achievable for the ones who struggled with physics in high school and college, or is just for the people who laugh at college level math? What I am basically asking is, do average people stand a chance in the fields of math and physics?

    I don't know If I'm average or good. I get good grades in physics and math, but I also put some (sometimes a lot) effort into it.

    EDIT: I think this belongs under academic guidance.
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    Yes, as long as you work at it.
    And hard work is no impediment to creativity, but the means by which you hone your skills for being creative.

    Some have been given a sharper knife from nature's side, they still have to sharpen it, and keep it sharp in order to be able to compete.
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    Sure I read somewhere that a person would do well to have three kinds of study partners. One smarter, one not as smart or knowledgeable, and one who is on the same level. From the same source I think, like arildno said, when you rub two knives together they become sharper.
    From personal experience I would add that a muse or someone whom you greatly admire near you to attempt to impress makes a huge difference. Creativity and productivity will crash through the roof.
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    The tough truth: Pretty much everyone is overwhelmed by physics in the first years. This includes the people who were good at it in school.

    Being average when you look at the whole of the population pretty much the minimum requirement for a masters in physics. I guess it can be done, but it will be tough.

    On the other hand you might be above average but your high school teachers sucked...
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