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Who can explain to me how they get the work?

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    Calculate the work involved in expanding a gas from an initial state of 1.00L and 10.0 atm of pressure to 10.0L and 1.0 atm pressure.

    I know W=-PdeltaV
    but I don't understand how they get w=-(1.00atm)(10.0L-5.00L)

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    I don't think anyone answered this because the work done is path-dependent, and with the info you've given, it can't be really "answered". Assumably P is a function of V or V is a function of P, depending on how this process was done.

    Then what level course is this (are helpers allowed to mention "integration"?) Do you have any other info on the system or the problem's assumptions?
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    Indeed. You can't answer this question becuase the path isn't given.

    Song, are you sure that's exactly how the question was stated?
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