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Who can we contact for PF website related quesitons?

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    I logged into my PF account after some time and I noticed that there was a private post sent to me(?) titled General Warning. The post has expired, but I have no idea what it said and I feel that it may have been important for me to read. Does anyone know who I can contact on this website to ask? Thank You.
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    I am messaging you now
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    You were sent a warning which normally come through as a personal message. However a few months ago we mass deleted all stored PMs, if you did not log on and read your warning before this then it must have been deleted. I will send you a transcript of this warning so that you can see what it said and what it referred to. Warnings serve as a reminder to follow PF rules.

    If in future you wish to contact someone with a question simply click on the staff button on the banner at the top of every page and select an appropriate admin or mentor (those with blue or green names).

    If you wish to give feedback about the site in general you can use this forum.

    EDIT: I just sent you a message but I didn't see that Greg was messaging you as well.
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