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Who created this running difference image?

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    I've sent several emails to Lockheed Martin trying to assertain the author of this image. I would like to get some specifics about the image regarding the start and end times, the cadence between the images used, the actual software routines used, etc. Carolus Schryver from Lockheed claimed that they had no idea who the author of the image is, and he would offer me no specifics about the image in question. Does anyone know how I might go about finding out who the author of this image might be and how I might track them down?
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    Well, not yet anyway, but I'll go through them again. Most of those links relate to me, my online discussions, or to the papers I've done with Dr. Manuel. The first time I did a Google search, I did come accross a webpage of information related to Lockheed Martin. I saved a copy to my website:


    That is the only link I found to the image with the name of an employee from from Lockheed Martin or NASA. Carolus Schryver however claimed that he did not know where the image came from.
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