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Who uses neutron moisture meters?

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    Does anybody in PF-land use neutron moisture meters - the ones with Am-241/Be sources that probe into holes in the ground? If so, do you have a regime for regular wipe testing and leak testing? I am interested to find out if there are any cases of a wipe test result that showed contamination.

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    the U.S. NRC website has publicly available documents which address this. use the basic search function on their site for "density gauge" and check out the inspections and events links...
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    I have had this question for a while now and have yet to find a reply. I'm interested in finding out how much moisture is going through a concrete floor that is on the end of my home. So my question is, where can I get a test? I did a little research and discovered a place that has a calcium chloride test but I would like a review if anyone has used it, and also I would like to know how to use it!
    Thank you for any reply.
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    Just for the future, please don't reply in threads that are several years old. Starting a new one and linking to this one would be more acceptable.
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