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Who wants a chat? Preferably about Physics

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    Hello, I'm Lachlan Pearce and love physics (mostly special relativity, astrophysics, and a little of quantum physics). If anyone wants to discuss any of this I'd be happy to.. :)
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    I think most here do since this is a physics community :)
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    And to add to what Greg said, we DO it here ... in the open forum. PM's or private emails are tedious and have the disadvantage of not opening up the discussion to others who may have something interesting to add.
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    Open chat is helpful to understand what issue one may be running into. PF is a great place to share one's ideas to make the physical world a better and more functional place.
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    Haha good point! :)
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    There's also the issue of them being absolutely incorrect and without the ability of being corrected by those that know better. That's is why all discussions should be in the proper forum.
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