What is Chat: Definition and 49 Discussions

Choline acetyltransferase (commonly abbreviated as ChAT, but sometimes CAT) is a transferase enzyme responsible for the synthesis of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. ChAT catalyzes the transfer of an acetyl group from the coenzyme acetyl-CoA to choline, yielding acetylcholine (ACh). ChAT is found in high concentration in cholinergic neurons, both in the central nervous system (CNS) and peripheral nervous system (PNS). As with most nerve terminal proteins, ChAT is produced in the body of the neuron and is transported to the nerve terminal, where its concentration is highest. Presence of ChAT in a nerve cell classifies this cell as a "cholinergic" neuron. In humans, the choline acetyltransferase enzyme is encoded by the CHAT gene.

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  1. jedishrfu

    The Battle of the Little Big Chat at Texas A&M

    An inept Texas A&M prof flunks students because he said Chat GPT has told him the students let Chat write their essays. Now some cant graduate because of the snafu. https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-features/texas-am-chatgpt-ai-professor-flunks-students-false-claims-1234736601/
  2. jedishrfu

    A Chat with ChatGPT: Peerless Intelligence

    I recently ran a chat session with ChatGPT. For me, ChatGPT is best used in searching for things and having the results presented in a conversational readable manner. In my chat, I was curious about conversion tools for other code into Julia code. I asked ChatGPT and got these responses: NOTE...
  3. W

    DO NOT throw any engineering questions at Chat GPT

    This chatbot has been getting a lot of notice lately - my son, a mech E and I were throwing a variety of questions at it, and then with a bio-chemist last nigh at dinner ( geeks - yes) - anyway. It fun but also makes you feel a little obsolete... I threw a magnetic / induction question at it...
  4. kyphysics

    All About Assets (One-Stop Shop Chat Thread)

    This is a "super thread" designed to encourage chat on anything assets-related: stocks bonds real estate commodities precious metals fine art/collectibles (including, NFTs) cryptocurrency & alternative assets...etc. As someone who is years away from being able to own a home, I would love to...
  5. kyphysics

    Would it be Weird to See Psychologist Just to Chat and De-Stress?

    Suppose someone doesn't have anyone to relate to on a variety of personal matters and just wants someone to talk to about those things. Would seeing a psychologist be a solution? Or, do they mainly see people with psychological issues? Also, what if a person is just feeling "lonely" or...
  6. Steven Ellet

    Looking for a website or app with live chat rooms related to electricity

    I am looking for a website or app with live chat rooms related to electricity.
  7. Evo

    Facebook’s Chat App Is Getting New A.I. Features

    This upsets me No Thanks! My friend and I that had been forced to go to FB chat when Yahoo IM was killed started noticing weird things liked words underlined that led to unwanted hyperlinks. And "Start Plan" would pop up in blue. He found this article...
  8. L

    What is a current case study about the cri du chat syndrome?

    Examples of recent studies and tests on this genetic disorder, preferably done in Canada?
  9. L

    Anybody here wanna play some chess?

    If so, I have an account on lichess.org. My username on that site is mulah_aprilclimate. If you're in the mood to play, please shoot me a PM and let me know you're from physicsforums! My US Chess Federation rating was between 1800 and 1900, but I haven't played in any tournaments in over a...
  10. J

    PF Sunday Chat: Unable to Send Message

    PF Sunday chat is open for all members. But I can't send a message over there. It says "You don't have the permission"
  11. Meesh

    Chat Groups | Ask & Learn More

    I noticed there was a chat ( right now it is Sunday chat ) and I was wondering if that was there all of the time, and also if there is only he option to talk to everyone online at once, or if you could make chat groups/join chat groups?
  12. LachyP

    Who wants a chat? Preferably about Physics

    Hello, I'm Lachlan Pearce and love physics (mostly special relativity, astrophysics, and a little of quantum physics). If anyone wants to discuss any of this I'd be happy to.. :)
  13. A

    Librarians Online Chat: Finding Reliable Resources 24/7

    I like to have an online chat on my reading rooms to access immediate and reliable information from librarians anytime 24/7. I have tried RumbleTalk and Flashcat which help with quick reference by sharing Internet and library sources but lack of third party capability, any suggestions?
  14. C

    Is there a physicsforum chat room?

    Sorry if this is a silly question (I searched to no avail!), but there are mentions throughout the forums of a chat room, open on Sundays. I'd love to hop on and be able to chat, I'd honestly rather like it to be open any time, but that's a different story! I'm trying to cut Facebook out of...
  15. James889

    Designing a Scalable C Chat Server

    Hi, I developed a simple ad-hoc client/server chat program, however the design isn't exactly scalable since the addresses are hard coded and one of the clients is also the server. So i wanted to write a dedicated server, to which multiple clients could connect and chat, like irssi.. how...
  16. 1

    Can anyone live chat help me right now?

    I'm working on a crucial huge assignment, and I was wondering if anyone experienced in physics could talk to me one on one asap please? It's beginner AP Physics B homework. Thank you so much for your help. My lab is the first AP Physics lab we've gotten. We have two spring scales measuring a...
  17. S

    What are the physics behind quantum computing?

    Physics behind Quantum Computing Hello :) I am interested in the quantum computing, but surprise surprise, I'm interested in the physics behind it. I am 17 and I was wondering of any books or resources that I can read to get an introduction on the physics behind quantum computing as I plan to...
  18. Borek

    Can You Beat ArcanaNoir in the Physics Forums Chat Quiz in 10 Minutes?

    Quizz on chat in 10 MINUTES! Hurry up, or we will start without you! https://www.physicsforums.com/chat/flashchat.php
  19. D

    Hey anyone doing the V-day chat

    hey v-day chat is up. anyone game?
  20. zomgwtf

    Is PF Chat Currently Unavailable? 404 Error Confirmed!

    PF Chat?? I went to go check out how the chat was going just now and it's not up! 404 not found! Is it true? Say it ain't so! The world surely is ending.
  21. Simfish

    Recommendations from professors you chat with (rather than do research with)

    Are these types of recommendations common? Can they be extremely helpful? Here's the thing: when you do research, you're not really talking about the big picture - you're merely in for the small details. I'm more of a "big picture" person than a "small details" person, and most of my insights...
  22. turbo

    Is Chat Drowning Out the Forums?

  23. James889

    Help with simple C chat + Kqueue

    Hello, I'm writing a very simple server/client chat. At the moment i have no way of determining when data arrives in the receive buffer. This is how the send/receive part of the chat currently looks like: . . . for(;;){ fgets(sendbuffer,sizeof sendbuf,stdin)...
  24. cronxeh

    Are You Ready for the Physics Forums Chat Room on April 18, 2010?

    https://www.physicsforums.com/chat/flashchat.php Get in, NOW! :approve:
  25. T

    I have never seen anyone on chat

    Hey guys! Cmon, I have never seen anyone on chat! Nobody like to come or is it that you guys are tooooo busy? Let's all(not exactly all!) fix a particular timing so that we can chat! (May be I always drop in at the rong time!)
  26. sylas

    Is chat on this evening, Sunday March 7?

    I looked in the chatroom and it was deserted...
  27. J

    Need Help Improving Your Chatting Skills? Check Out This Hilarious Fail!

    For those who are having trouble meeting girl/boy s, here is an example of how not to go about it. It had me rofl. Strike that, it had me rolling on the floor laughing. http://failblog.org/2010/01/08/sexy-chat-win"
  28. K

    Is therte any one who wants to chat about my problems with youngs 2 slit experiment ?

    is there anyone who wants to chat about it ? iv tried once here and got not 1 reply, not even the YOU HAVE DONE IT WRONG please if you think I am wrong say so and have a chat, youngs experiment was to do with light nothing more right or wrong ? iv brought over 15 cheap lasers and broke most...
  29. mcknia07

    Are we going to have a Happy Easter chat today?

    Are we going to have a Happy Easter chat today?
  30. Evo

    Sunday Chat: Fun, Hysterical & Don't Miss It!

    Chat last Sunday was hysterical! I think it's one of the best chats we've had. Chat will start at 10 AM CST at the same place. If you've lost the URL, let me know.
  31. turbo

    New years chat is open Come in

    New years chat is open... Come in! I was all alone there last night while stoking the wood stove, and so far it's just Kurdt and me today. https://www.physicsforums.com/chat/flashchat.php
  32. Jonathan Scott

    Isn't it chat time now? Anyone know why it isn't open? Is it simply

    Isn't it chat time now? Anyone know why it isn't open? Is it simply that Greg is the only person who can start it and he's not around today for some unknown reason?
  33. Math Is Hard

    Movie night chat: A cheesy horror edition?

    I had this idea that maybe sometime we could try a "themed" chat one Sunday. Like maybe we all watch the same movie at the same time. (A cheezy horror movie that we could make fun of might work well. Plan 9, for example. Or something like they used to show on Mystery Science Theater 3000.) That...
  34. hypatia

    Did you chat today? Did you like it? I thought it was kind of fun.

    Did you chat today? Did you like it? I thought it was kind of fun.
  35. Lisa!

    Yahoo Chat: What to Do When a Close Friend Doesn't Reply

    I guess you're familar with yahoo chat! So I feel free to ask this question: If you PM 1 of your close friend after a long time, but s/he wouldn't reply to your PM while you're sure s/he's been online. What would you think? Note that you hadn't any argument with that person the last time you...
  36. T

    LaTeX MathIM: A LaTeX web-based chat

    Hi everyone. Out of a personal need to send complicated equations to my Physics classmates over instant messenger, I've pieced together a LaTeX enabled web-based chat system. Two people can go to the website, enter a chat room, and chat with standard LaTeX math. It's at...
  37. A

    Java Creating a Java Voice Chat Room with Admin Functions

    What I want to do is make a Voice chat room with administrative functions embedded in a website. i think the best way is to use Java, but I don't know anything about java. i can't start from scratch and learn the language, because this is really important and I have less time. i was hoping if...
  38. Curious3141

    100% genuine tech support chat session with Linksys

    >[00:00:00] Hi, my name is Ma Rowena (11827). How may I help you? >[00:01:03] Jim: Okay, I'm not too sure how to explain this situation... to put it lightly, melted cheese is all over my router. >[00:01:17] Ma Rowena (11827): Okay. >[00:01:38] Jim: Now, It seemed to function quite well until...
  39. DaveC426913

    Advice wanted: online chat - text or voice

    I (or more accurately, my beau) want to start up a chat room. - I am open about whether it is voice or text-only. In fact, I am open about whether it uses computers at all. (If someone could tell me how I could get a conference phone call going at a reasonable rate.) - it's for a select...
  40. exequor

    Run Chat Client in C++: Easy Setup on Linux/Unix Servers

    What is the easiest way to run a chat client that was written in c++? Preferably for a unix/linux server.
  41. wolram

    Be Good No More Naughty Chit Chat

    Oh my, we have been NAUGHTY, from now on we have to be good, no senseless chit chat. o:)
  42. M

    Want to chat online? Let's start the conversation!

    "online here"; let's chat hi everybody, it would be really cool if we could talk when we are online. So this can be a place where people can chat….. So let me start, i am from Turkey, at University, i am going to be an architect… how are you guys?
  43. Greg Bernhardt

    Chat with Dr. Michio Kaku: Exploring the Frontiers of Science

    Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday at 9PM EST here at PF Details coming soon...
  44. Adrian Baker

    Worst Chat Up Lines: What Are Yours?

    Worst chat up lines... Having read Photon's 'Conversation starters... awkward silence' thread I got thinking about the WORST chat up lines you have ever heard or used. How about - "Get your coat - you've pulled"?
  45. Z

    Trace an IP in a Yahoo Chat Room?

    is there any way for someone to put an ip trace on you from a yahoo chat room i.e. public game chat room?
  46. dduardo

    What are the best meeting times for a global PhysicsForum IRC chat session?

    If anyone is interested in an IRC chat, I've set up a temporary server. IP /join #physicsforums XChat is an open source irc client for windows, OSX and Linux. It can be found here: http://www.xchat.org [edit] The Chatroom is now CLOSED. It will resume on Monday at 4 pm
  47. N

    LaTeX Chat program where you can use latex

    Hi! Does anyone know of a chat program where you can use latex or something similar to typeset math in a chat? Like this forum, but live... Thanks in advance, Nille
  48. G

    What's up with that dopey chat room?

    What's up with that dopey chat room? It pops up every time I log on today, but it's broken. In Mozilla 1.2.1 the chat window appears & I can see what others post, but it won't take my posts. And, there's a bunch of garbage (I guess some html code) scattered at the bottom of the screen. But...
  49. C

    I want to chat with you in voice

    I am a chinese university freshman. Having joined here for several months I discovered that there are many intelligent ones here. We can talk about the mysterious chinese culture(as western always reckon) and I yearn for a chance to practice my oral english in return if I can understand what...