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Who was greater, Einstein or Newton?

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    Who was greater (in your opinion), Einstein or Newton? and Why?
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    I was just wondering what peoples thought were towards this questions.
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    Who's stronger? Superman or the Hulk? (And if you think this question is silly, it would help to explain how your question is different)
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    http://superman.wikia.com/wiki/Superman_Prime_%28One_Million%29 [Broken].

    And Einstein was greater. In height.
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    Maybe we should get inspired by my gov way of grading science and check who of them published in more presitigious journals or get more citations?

    Googling: seems Einstein.
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    Not so fast. Newton was published in the Journal of the Royal Society at a young age, and that was the height. There was no superior science journal in existence. He went on to become president of that society in his later years, which made him, in effect, the King of Science. There wasn't a higher credential to be had at the time.
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    What is this desire to rank people. I never got it. Why do you care which one is greater. Just read their work and enjoy the physics.
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    Maybe to understand who had more donations to science community. There should be one who is more preferred.
    Hmmm... I can't myself if I don't know the truth.

    I am working as a software engineer, my work now has nothing related to physics. But I like both of them.
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    Why? Why should there be one?

    What truth?
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    That is the point of the OP as he is looking for us to explain and vote. We talk about Einstein and Newton, not you individually. Why do you sound upset ?
    Truths about both of them, related historical events, their inventions and more.
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    I understand the point of the OP, but the question is pretty meaningless. There is no correct answer, so why bother?

    You can't study science without that? And why can't you do that without some silly ranking system.
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    I am looking up more details about Newton. I don't know much about physics actually. My knowledge sucks, honestly.
    I have read information about Einstein and his family, all members :oldsmile:
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    We don't allow these kinds of threads, the conversation is meaningless. As anyone can tell from the similar discussions listed below this is a pretty regular argument.
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