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What is so "genius" about the work of genius scientists?

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    Many scientists are regarded as geniuses based on their work (Einstein, Newton, etc).
    What is it about their work that is so clever that few others could have done it?
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    My guess would be that their works were developed with knowledge, curiosity, imagination, and persistence.
    I base this on quotes attributed to Einstein, Newton, Edison, Tesla, and of course, Roosevelt.

    Of course, without some base knowledge, you wouldn't be curious about something, and without imagination, you couldn't really expand on how to solve the problem, and unless you are persistent, the problem is just going to end up on the coffee table, with everything else, and never get solved.
    And then you run off to the river, which I am about to do, and listen to people gossip.

    Hmmm.... this reminds me, that I have a data from a science experiment on my coffee table from yesterday that needs analyzing.
    I think I boogered a couple of experiments over the last 10 years.
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    That assumes that "few others could have done it". The "geniuses" just did it first, or were published first. Others could have done whatever, eventually, and if done later, their work just helped to add to the knowledge or helped to confirm the new knowledge.
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