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Homework Help: Why are activities of all isotopes in a decay-chain equal?

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    For example the activity of U-238 and U-234 in an uranium series is the same. Isn't activity depends on decay constant and the amount of atoms? Why must the activities equal and what is the reason behind?
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    The decay constant only depends on the shape of the nucleus potential well.
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    refer to question 32 and the solution of 32 thanks for help
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    On a cell phone, can't read it.
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    Consider a sample of radioactive material that contains a mixture of U-238 and U-234. Suppose that at some time the activity of the U-238 in the sample is greater than the activity of the U-234. How is the number of atoms of U-238 changing relative to the number of number of atoms of U-234, and how does that change affect the activity of each isotope?
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    thank you so much. Number atoms of 238 will decrease and while the number of 234 decreases in a slower rate because of lower activity and supply from 238. The activity of 238 decreases faster than 234 until they reaches the same activity.
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