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Programs Why at the PhD level, job prospects begin to relate?

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    I frequently look at job openings in various Science/Engineering fields. I've began to notice that for Bachelor's education-level jobs they are very specific as to what degree you need to be eligible. Then at the PhD level the jobs all of a sudden say various degrees are eligible. Something like "Physics, Chemistry, Materials." I'm not talking about skills here, only the degrees. How does that work if as you get higher in education you get more focused in a field. So, why do they begin to be less specific for degrees at a PhD level? Thanks.
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    This is honestly just a shot in the dark, but I think its because a PhD is more of a degree in teaching a person skills and not knowledge. A BS degree basically just teaches you knowledge about a field and a few skills along the way. A PhD gives you both knowledge but more importantly it teaches you how to preform research and how to go about solving problems.
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