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Why cant i learn linear algebra?

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    I have enrolled for a distance learning progaramme from IGNOU(big mistake!).There is a paper on linear algebra.The university gives a study material which i find boring. i recently bought Gilbert Strang's linear algebra book. Any other good sources online?
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    Yes, there are lots of book:

    1) Elementary Linear Algebra (2nd Edition) (very nice book)
    Lawrence E. Spence, Arnold J. Insel, Stephen H. Friedberg:
    http://library.nu/docs/1AE3ONR9XD/Elementary%20Linear%20Algebra%20%282nd%20Edition%29 [Broken]
    (which has a solution manual: http://library.nu/docs/LDPQ2VOB3U/Student%20Solution%20Manual%20for%20Elementary%20Linear%20Algebra [Broken]

    2) Elementary Linear Algebra, 6th edition
    Ron Larson, David C. Falvo
    http://library.nu/docs/L5P1XNUYVJ/Elementary%20Linear%20Algebra%2C%206th%20edition [Broken]

    3) Elementary Linear Algebra with Applications 9 edition
    Howard Anton, Chris Rorres
    http://library.nu/docs/9VI3Y1AHXR/Elementary%20Linear%20Algebra%20with%20Applications%209%20edition [Broken]

    Good Luck!
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    i have
    1)jim hefferon's ebook
    2)glibert strang's book
    3)Howard anton's ebook
    4)Larson's ebook
    5)Friedberg's ebook

    Where do i start? i want to read the study material given by my college and also supplement that with a textbook
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    I will post the chapters covered in my course...
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    There are a total of 15 chapters
    1)Sets functions and fields
    2)Two and three dimensional spaces
    3)Vector spaces
    4)Basis and dimension
    5)Linear transformation -I
    6)Linear transformation -II
    10)Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
    11) Characteristic and minimal polynomial
    12) Inner product spaces
    13) Hermitian and unitary operators
    14) Real quadratic forms
    15) Conics
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    The first 10 chapters are core components of any introductory course.
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    So which book would contain the majority of the topics?( refer the previous post)
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    I would suggest looking through your texts to find those with chapters that cover the first ten of your course.
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    If you find linear algebra boring, I would perhaps look at the Friedberg book .. In my opinion, it is much better than the others you have listed there, and it does indeed cover all the topics you have listed

    But I'm talking about this friedberg book: https://www.amazon.com/Linear-Algebra-4th-Stephen-Friedberg/dp/0130084514

    I am not sure which one you have, because he has at least two linear algebra books under his name
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    Indeed, the Friedberg book is an excellent book on linear algebra. It'll teach you linear algebra the way it's supposed to be done (in my opinion). Certainly look through it!!

    I would also suggest making a lot of exercises on matrices. This can be really important. A Schaum's outline will be perfect for its many exercises!!
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    i have friedberg's linear algebra a matrix approach.That is not the one you meant!:cry:
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