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Why can't they make bras that fit right?

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    Why can't they make bras that fit right? Why are the shoulder straps so close to the outside edge of your shoulders that the straps keep sliding down my arms? I am NOT built with the shoulders of an American football player (not soccer), which apparently, is what they had in mind.

    Ok, aside from cross dressers, there are probably less than 6 other people in here that can relate, but I don't care. :devil:

    Am I the only one that has this problem?
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    I frequently find my bra straps fall half way down my arms. I also have trouble with strapless ones since I am allergic to nickel underwiring.

    Hope you don't feel I'm belittling your problem, only kidding :biggrin:

    Perhaps there is a gap in the market for you to exploit?
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    Evo dear, while I'm reading your post, I am watching "What Not To Underwear" on TLC. They are doing an episode on how these 3 women are wearing the wrong underwear, including the wrong bras. They just finished showing them being evaluated by a bra consultant, and instructing them what actual bra size they wear, and how to wear them.

    Maybe you should see if there's a bra consultant at one of the bigger clothing stores where you live - preferably the one that do not have a mountain lion! :)

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    How would you design them so that they would fit perfectly? The anatomy of a woman isn't exactly made for wearing bras...

    You aren't the only one with this problem, considering that I see this everyday.

    Anyway, where is your entrepreneurial mind? Design new bras and market them! heh
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    Start playing American football and have deep faith in shoulder growth. :biggrin:
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    The problem is you have to fit the chest size and the cup size. But this is not a "fitting" issue, it's a "design" issue. The bras are made with the straps too far out. If they would position the straps more in the center of the cup instead at the very outside edge, it would solve the problem. Sure the "edge" position makes the bra look nice but makes it a nightmare to wear. I'm just going to have to start wearing "racing bras", they come to a "T" in the back to prevent the straps from falling off.

    Perhaps it's because I have a very small frame and sloping shoulders that the design really does not work for me. If I had broad, square shoulders it wouldn't be a problem.

    Kurdt, no that was funny! :biggrin: Actually I have given thought to designing bras, there have to be millions of women out there with feminine shoulders.
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    You should go 'european'....:devil:
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    give me a break, you dont actually use that as a phrase to imply not wearing a Bra?

    Evo, although I cant help you on that one, my girlfriend also has the same problem :smile:
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    I will be your Bra Consultant Evo. Just send me a few pictures, and I will give you your correct bra size :tongue2:
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    You'd think they would make them for girls with smaller frames too. They should have like width size options.
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    My wife had this same issue, she tried a type of double stick tape that was supposed to keep the straps in place but it was useless. She eventually found a product online that she's been happy with, it's basically a small elastic strap that runs across your upper back. It pulls the ends of the straps together to keep them in place (a lot like the sternum strap on some backpacks). She says it works great, I'll see if she remembers where she got them (although they're probably easy enough to make yourself...)

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    There are times you want pretty bras and times you just need a functional bra. Unfortunately I haven't had the need for a pretty bra in a very long time. :cry:

    mattmns, you devil. :tongue:

    Thanks guys for letting me know I'm not alone. I just finally cracked tonight. The bra I'm wearing is particularly bad and the tag says it's "the best fitting bra ever". Of course they didn't say what animal it was supposed to fit best, I'm thinking a baboon.

    So, why do the bra makers continue to make such ill designed "ugly" bras? There's just no reason for that.
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    The push-up bra straps are the worst.
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    See, they make devices to fix the problem, why don't they just move the freaking straps in toward the middle of the cup, that would solve the problem. Aaarrgh. or position the the back straps in more toward the middle of the back?

    Thanks, let me know, yeah, I've actually thought about tying the straps together behind my back but don't know how I would manage that without injuring myself.
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    Here you go Evo:
    http://www.herroom.com/Fashion-Forms-Strap-Mate-Bra-Straps,Fas001-2001,4.html" [Broken]
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    But how does a klutz put that on?
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    :rofl: :rofl: Can you get Spawn or Evo child to help?
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    Math Is Hard

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    The Victoria's Secret IPEX tech forum..

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    I had a similar problem with a shoulder holster several years ago. :rolleyes:
    Why don't you just cut the seams where the shoulder straps attach to the back strap, and swap them? You could, alternatively, reattach the front of the straps farther inboard.
    You can sew, can't you? :uhh:
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    by definition.
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