Why do some people not get the Common Cold?

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Sorry if this is in the wrong place, not sure where else to put it.

Something has been puzzling me for a few years, I developed Pericarditis which is now recurrent on and off about 4-5 years ago.

Ever since then, I have not had a bout of the Common Cold. If someone close to me has the Common Cold, I don't get it.

Although, it seems to inflame my Pericardium, which sets off my Pericarditis for a day or two.

Everyone around me can have the cold and will become infected, partner, parents, siblings - especially at this time of year have all come down with the Common Cold and became ill, but not me?

I am not sure why really, but I have done some research and been led to believe, once the virus enters my system, my antibodies identify it instantly and carry it off to the Pericardium, where it is destroyed, hence why my Pericarditis flares up and my Heart Sac inflames.

I do have other immune issues too, like Geographical Tongue, which is present every day.

I have tried to look at some studies, but keep coming up trumps!

I'm thinking of doing one of those research programs where they infect you with a cold virus to study it, and see if I actually do get the cold.

Anyone offer an insight ?

Again - apologies if this is in the wrong place.

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First properly name 'the common cold', they are a hundred types of Rhinovirus (plus a few others) an the most common of human illnesses.
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Without getting it all over complicated, I would be referring to the more "common" type during any season of the year.

Specifically, Rhino & Corona groups. I understand there is over 200 different types.

I'll try to make it easier to understand.

Subject A has a form of Rhino/Corona Virus. Subject A sneezes into my mouth and the Virus enters my system.

I don't feel effects.
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I suspect the answer lies in your own speculations.

When you are infected with virus, you don't "catch a cold" - you have a virus and that results in a set of symptoms. Different people have different symptoms when exposed to the same virus. That's why some people get a nose that won't stop running, and others get a sinus headache, and others get a hacking cough, etc. Maybe a flare up of your pericarditis is just how your body tends to react now. Maybe you're immune system is stronger than the average bear's. So it's quite possible you're infected and a carrier, but the (typical) symptoms just haven't been strong enough to warrant any attention.
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I think it's just a combination of variations between each person's natural immune system and environment.

Living in Ohio and Nebraska, I tended to catch colds with the first cold weather spell in the late fall and the first warming spell in the spring. I'd never catch colds in the middle of winter. I'd catch a cold when visiting Louisiana or California regardless of the time of year I visited. I think the climate variations lessened my immunity.

Living in Colorado and Alaska, I practically never catch a cold regardless of the season or the weather (both Colorado and Alaska have very dry climates - even the snow in Colorado tends to be light and dry vs the heavy wet snow that falls near the Great Lakes).

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