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B Why do the 4 forces have the strength that they do?

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    For example, why is the strong nuclear force strong enough to hole protons and neutrons together.
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    the nature of forces depend on the available physical systems identified by human kind in the environment and surrounding- if one has various elements on earth/universe having the structure investigated so far -to sustain the structure one has identified the nature, its strength and range of forces of interaction.

    To substantiate the above argument -when we investigate the structure of Deuteron nucleus we get the idea of the the force which must operate between the neutron and proton to get a bound nucleus of deuteron- so if somebody asks why it is strong?

    one can answer that it must be so strong to keep the structure intact and not fall apart.
    The above is a limited picture -the interactive forces must have other properties such that all experimental findings on Deuteron may be reproduced.

    e.g. if the deuteron nuclei show a quadrupole moment however small in value the n-p force must have features to theoretically support it.
    this is the process of investigation of physical events/phenomena being observed in nature and devising ways and means to define the nature of various kind of forces.
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    Physics really isn't about that kind of "why" question. We observe what nature does and physics is the framework in which we describe it to the best of our abilities.
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    Nobody knows. Some people assume the Anthropic principle holds, though I feel this is logically suspect.
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