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Why do we think particle is wave and probability also wave?

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    Why do we think particle is wave and probability also wave?
    If probability is wave,what is its wavelength,frequency,amplitude,period?
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    The results of the experiments (e.g. double slit experiment) proved that the particles have some wave characteristics. So, our experience through these experiments shows that the particles behave as a wave when they travel and as particle when they interact with matter.

    In classic physics it is impossible to define both wave and particle behaviour. Function Φ (which is the solution of Schroedinger's equation) cannot describe "something" natural, because its solutions are complex values. The only way to explain this problem was the statistic explanation. According to this explanation, the wavefunction is not a classical wave, but a wave of possibility.
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    Hey, let me refer you to our Physics FAQ where we have dealt with this particle/wave conundrum.

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    But why we call it "wave"?
    And is its amplitude mean probability?
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    Didn't you read the FAQ. The term "wave" corresponds to a certain physical behaviour (eg interference, diffraction, etc etc) that can be explained mathematically by concepts like wavelength, etc etc. A particle can be described by these concepts because particles DO exhibit "wavelike" kind of physical behaviour. That is the basic idea

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    Illusive duality...

    The probability of observing a particle is wave-like. This gives the particle its wave-like appearance. The particle only exists when it's observed, otherwise it's just potential. If I'm wrong on this interpretation, I hope to be corrected.
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    If your still not sure then perhaps this animated video will help:
    [crackpot movie link removed]

    There is also a few videos here (a little more detailed and not quite as entertaining):
    [link removed - Zz]
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    Please note that What the bleep.... is considered to be a CRACKPOT movie. Do not promote nor post crackpot link in PF, per our Guidelines.

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