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Why is Dr McCoy always mad? (into darkness movie)

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    What is supposed to be the back story about why McCoy is always sort of pissed off all the time and kind of cynical in the movie? I get that hes based on another actor playing McCoy but does the character have some back-story that was in some episode or something, for being mad all the time? I have an uncle that's like Mccoy, not an MD , but he acts a lot like the Mccoy, always sort of pissed off at everyone even though everyone totally likes him. Is there some reason that McCoy is like this, or people in general?
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    I will never hire these people to be my hotel receptionists or PR, communication related jobs.
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    It's a movie. He's a contrasting character (serious) to Kirk's character (sometimes seemingly scattered, sometimes flippant).
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    I'm rather irritable too. I don't know why.
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    I believe it's just the way he is. I do remember him mentioning something about an ex-wife taking "everything but his bones" from him in the first movie, so maybe he's just had a rough personal life.
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    Maybe he's smoking that blue meth. DeForest Kelley always looked kind of bug-eyed and he was tripping out when he traveled back in time to meet Joan Collins.
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    I think that's it. The "ex-wife taking everything but his bones" quote explains his whole temperament when he starts his Starfleet career, as well as explaining his nickname. He probably had a really nice life before he joined Starfleet, and he's now starting his life over. He doensnt have much of a character arc though compared to Spock and Kirk from 1st movie to the 2nd one. I mean he just stays pissed off.
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    Maybe he just doesn't like hanging around crazy people?
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    That was my take on it as well. I just figured he had a total crap storm through his life and felt that nothing good ever happens.
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    "Bones" is a pretty standard nickname for ship's doctor just as "sparks" is for the radio operator.
    Though I don't remember any one calling Uhura "sparks"!
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    If you went down that rabbit hole, before you know it Spok would be "ears" and Kirk would be known as "pants".
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