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Why is the sky so bright here at night?

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    Hello PF

    I'm hoping someone can answer this for me.

    I am in Ottawa, Canada and right now it is almost 2 am. I am about to go to sleep but can't help to notice why the sky is so unusually bright. It is a light peachy color. I can see the grass outside my house without any lights, it is that bright. I don't know why this is but I am curious. lol
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    Someone posted a thread sayings the northern lights would be visible much further south than normal (about a week ago maybe?) I wonder if that's what you're seeing. I don't think they're that bright though.
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    I think the cloud ceiling is either very low, or the clouds are unusually white. That way, more light from Ottawa's light bulbs would get reflected down to the ground.
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    Light pollution sucks, yo.
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    And it's back to normal tonight...
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    Did you move to Ottawa recently?

    It's likely just a combination of heavy cloud cover and snow on the ground that helps reflect city lights (back and forth) and make for a bright night.
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    or maybe a light fog
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