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Why is there no Aerospace Engineering Forum?

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    I was going to make a thread about propellers and I noticed there was no appropriate forum to post it in, Just a heads up.
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    There are people on this forum that can answer questions on aerospace, i think it is covered in the (general engineering forum).
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    Yes I am going to be posting it there, but I still feel it deserves it's own forum
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    I don't think we have enough questions specific to aerospace engineering for a separate forum, but the engineering mentors can say more about that.
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    I think many people consider Aerospace Engineering a specialized discipline of Mechanical Engineering, so most questions relating to aerospace are usually posted in the Mechanical Engineering forum.

    So far, there simply hasn't been enough activity/demand to justify creating a forum specifically for the field of Aerospace Engineering.
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    There were Aero and Automotive sub-forums under the ME forum, but they had too little traffic to keep separate. I believe those posts were merged into the ME forum level.
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    We had one up until a few weeks ago where we merged the threads back into Mechanical Engineering. You can now use a prefix to label an aerospace thread.
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    That is the case.

    Coincidentally, aircraft grew out of the application of the internal combustion engines. Rolls Royce built automobile engines and cars well before they built aircraft engines.

    Henry Royce made his first car, a two-cylinder Royce 10, in his Manchester factory in 1904. (Wikipedia)

    It was in 1915 that Rolls-Royce built their first aircraft engine.

    The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) has a group devoted to Aerospace Materials, which develops Aerospace Materials Specifications (AMS).
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